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Urband London - An original take on the iconic wristwatch band

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Urband London is a new conceptual and visual jewellery I launched in London yesterday 10th July.

After a long career in the international luxury jewellery industry, working with some fantastic international brands it was time for me to move forward and to use my knowledge, experience and love for aesthetic visual art together to create a new design concept.

I wanted to express my design skills through a very wearable jewellery item which would be timeless, comfortable to wear and look cool, fresh and surprising.

I chose stainless steel for it durability and sustainability but also as it is an allergy-free alloy. It's an alloy which will last forever. It also allowed me to offer our jewellery collection at affordable prices.

My design inspirations comes from travels, art, photography, architecture, music, people and the way I was brought up. As a child and until today, I paint on canvas and enjoy photography. My biggest love (besides my family and friends) is music and I am a keen explorer and collector.

I guess I have developed a good eye for details, colors and aesthetics and Urband London's concept gave me the chance to express my artistic skills.

My first collection was launched yesterday. New designs will be added to the collection on a monthly basis and right now there are more than 300 designs to choose from.

I hope you like my designs and enjoy wearing our bands. I look forward to meeting you soon.


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