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Personalise your favourite bracelet with your special photo or logo.

A unique and lasting gift for your friend, employees, customers and parents. 

Please note: Personalisation is available on the 18mm and 22mm width bracelets listed below.

Metallic finish bracelets personalised with black and white photos.

Polished finish bracelets personalised with colour or black and white photos.

To order a personalised bracelet:

1. Choose an 18mm or 22mm width bracelet design from the options listed below

2. Find your size: Click ABOUT OUR BRACELET for more info, and use the SIZE GUIDE tools. 

3. Complete the form below:

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4. To complete your purchase, please chose a bracelet from the options listed below and click on BUY NOW

Carnival 6S18P Metallic - £49.90

Carnival 6S18P_.jpg
Carnival 6S18P.jpg

Carnival 6S22P Metallic - £57.90

Carnival 6S22P_.jpg
Carnival 6S22P.jpg

Carnival 48S18P Metallic - £49.90

Carnival 48S18P_.jpg
Carnival 48S18P.jpg

Carnival 48S22P Metallic - £57.90

Carnival 48S22P_.jpg
Carnival 48S22P.jpg

Carnival 50S18P Metallic - £49.90

Carnival 50S18P_.jpg
Carnival 50S18P.jpg

Carnival 50S22P Metallic - £57.90

carnival 50S22P_.jpg
carnival 50S22P.jpg

Carnival 52S18P Metallic - £49.90

Carnival 52S18P_.jpg
Carnival 52S18P.jpg

Carnival 52S22P Metallic - £57.90

Carnival 52S22P_.jpg
Carnival 52S22P.jpg

Celtic 15S18P Metallic - £49.90

Celtic 15S18P_.jpg
Celtic 15S18P.jpg

Celtic 15S22P Metallic - £57.90

Celtic 15S22P_.jpg
Celtic 15S22P.jpg

Circles Discs 1S18P Metallic - £49.90

Personalised bracelet at Urband London
Personalised bracelet at Urband London

Circles Discs 1S22P Metallic - £57.90

Circles Discs 1S22P_.jpg
Circles Discs 1S22P.jpg

Circles Discs 20W18P - £49.90

Circles Discs 20W18P_.jpg
Circles Discs 20W18P.jpg

Circles Discs 20W22P - £57.90

Circles Discs 20W22P_.jpg
Circles Discs 20W22P.jpg

Circles Discs 22W18P - £49.90

Circles Discs 22W18P_.jpg
Circles Discs 22W18P.jpg

Circles Discs 22W22P - £57.90

Circles Discs 22W22_.jpg
Circles Discs 22W22P.jpg

Circles Eclipse 6S18P Metallic - £49.90

Personalised bracelet at Urband London
Personalised bracelet at Urband London
Personalised Bracelet at Urband London

Circles Eclipse 6S22P Metallic - £57.90

Circles Eclipse 6S22P_.jpg
Circles Eclipse 6S22P.jpg

Hippie 4S18P Metallic - £49.90

Hippie 4S18P_.jpg
Hippie 4S18P.jpg

Hippie 4S22P Metallic - £57.90

Hippie 4S22P_.jpg
Hippie 4S22P.jpg

Hippie 10S18P Metallic - £49.90

Hippie 10S18P_.jpg
Hippie 10S18P.jpg

Hippie 10S22P Metallic - £57.90

Hippie 10S22P_.jpg
Hippie 10S22P.jpg

Mandala Daisies 17S18P Metallic - £49.90

Mandala Daisies 17S18P_.jpg
Mandala Daisies 17S18P.jpg

Mandala Daisies 17S22P Metallic - £57.90

Mandala Daisies 17S22P_.jpg
Mandala Daisies 17S22P.jpg

Mandala Daisies 27W18P - £49.90

Mandala Daisies 27W18P_.jpg
Mandala Daisies 27W18P.jpg

Mandala Daisies 27W22P - £57.90

Mandala Daisies 27S22P_.jpg
Mandala Daisies 27S22P.jpg

Solo 33S18P Metallic - £49.90

Solo 32S18P2_.jpg
Solo 32S18P2.jpg
Personalised bracelet at Urband London
Personalised bracelet at Urband London
Personalised Bracelet at Urband London

Solo 33S22P Metallic - £57.90

Solo 32S22P2_.jpg
Solo 32S22P2.jpg

Solo 34S18P Metallic - £49.90

Solo 32S18P3_.jpg
Solo 32S18P3.jpg

Solo 34S22P Metallic - £57.90

Solo 32S22P3_.jpg
Solo 32S22P3.jpg

Squares Tiles 4S18P Metallic - £49.90

Squares Tiles 4S18P_.jpg
Squares Tiles 4S18P.jpg

Squares Tiles 4S22P Metallic - £57.90

Squares Tiles 4S22P_.jpg
Squares Tiles 4S22P.jpg

Squares Tiles 9S18P Metallic - £49.90

Squares Tiles 9S18P_.jpg
Squares Tiles 9S18P.jpg

Squares Tiles 9S22P Metallic - £57.90

Squares Tiles 9S22P_.jpg
Squares Tiles 9S22P.jpg

With Love 6W18P - £49.90

With Love 6W18P_.jpg
With Love 6W18P.jpg

With Love 6W22P - £57.90

With Love 6W22P_.jpg
With Love 6W22P.jpg