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In the last few weeks we were working hard to create a new collection. Inspired by memories from a visit to the Rio carnival and its vibrant colours and vibes we decided to name the new collection....Carnival. We took this positive vibe mode opportunity to also create and add some new designs to other collections. Enjoy....

Carnival Limited editions:

New Designs added to other collection:

It is a long process with lots of trials and errors but its fun and very satisfying to create something new and exciting for our clients to discover and wear. We hope you like our bracelets and enjoy wearing them as they can become your best friend...

Updated: Jul 9

What should I buy this time? It's a question each of us contemplates whenever we need to gift our loved ones for their special occasion like: Birthday gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift , mother's day gift, father's day gift etc. What about an original artistic bracelet this time?

Urband London stainless steel bracelets are unisex, comfortable to wear and have no clasp. They can be ordered to fit any size and can be stacked to create a beautiful style.

Here are a few options to get you inspired:

Stainless steel bracelets from the Tiles Collection. Waterproof, scratch-resistant and nickel-free. Handmade in our studio in London

Stainless steel bracelets from the Circles Within Collection. Waterproof, scratch-resistant and nickel-free. Handmade in our studio in London

Pride (Tartan) Bracelets

Waves Mosaic Bracelets

The new skinnies (10mm width bracelets) are now available and been added to our online store, check them out. Our stainless steel bracelets collections are available in two widths: 18mm standard and the new 10mm skinnies. Bracelets are available in two finishes: polished and metallic.

Lines Art collection by Urband London

Tiles metallic bracelets by Urband London

Urband London Bracelets
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