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Finally summer has arrived here in the UK. It has been a long wait.

Living in the country and going for daily walks it is so nice to see the full blossom and the amazing colours around us. Hence the inspiration behind the Flowers Mandala bracelets collection as well as the Solo super skinnies which can be worn next to the wider bracelets. Over the last few months more colourful new designs were added, here are a few examples:

Flowers Mandala

Flowers Mandala with Solo

Flowers Mandala Apple watch bracelets

Solo Super Skinnies

Hippie Flower Power

Flowers Daisies

And not just flowers

Inspired from a diving holiday in the Maldives

Fish For Though

More Fish for Thought as well as double-sided pendants


Mandala Irish

Lisbon Squares

To see more amazing designs which can you can take to your next adventure visit:


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Our latest collection: double-sided pendants collection to compliment our bracelets is now available. You can chose from two sizes and two chain lengths.

You can also personalise a pendant, either on one side with a choice of awesome patterns on the other side, or even on both sides with a photo/s of your choice.

All pendants comes with a beautiful black chain which includes a tail chain enabling 5cm shortening.


We have developed a collection of beautiful Fitbit Versa 2 & 3 Watch bracelets. If you wear an Fitbit Watch and would like to give it a unique look you might want to get one. The collection is now available.


The Fitbit Watch bracelets are available for the Versa 2 & 3 models.

Wrist art also for your Fitbit Watch!



Fitbit Watch bracelets - Fitbit Watch straps - made unique

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