About our bracelets

Each bracelet tells a story and will make you feel unique!

Our bracelets will fit your wrist perfectly.

Urband bracelets are unisex and for all ages. 

We have given the iconic stainless steel watch band a new life as a timeless and modern wearable piece of art. 

Affordable everyday luxury 

We connect, make friends and make them happy with our bracelets.

Made of sustainable high quality stainless steel

Waterproof - scratch-resistant - nickel free

Wearable art - a bracelet with no clasp

Made to last

 Available in three widths: 

18mm (standard) 

10mm (skinnies)

6mm (super skinnies)


And in two finishes: 

Polished or metallic

18mm width



10mm width



6mm width



In color, in black and white, in a polished or metallic finish, wide or narrow = endless possibilities to style your wrist.


Our bracelets are made in 5 different sizes.

We want to make sure our bracelets are the correct fit for you

Explore our guides below to help you find your perfect size

For our bracelet size guide click below

Abstract Flame

Presented in a beautiful little gift box

Urbnd London gift box
Urbnd London gift box
Urbnd London gift box

Stacking our bracelets

Carnival bracelets by Urband London

Quick look popular collections

Carnival Mix collection by Urband London

Carnival collection

For yourself or as a gift

Always with you wherever you go

Urband London Bracelets
Urband London Bracelets
Urband London Bracelets

Expressing your style

All pattern designs are original and handmade in our workshop in London

Our bracelet collection has something for everyone,

they stretch easily as you put them on and relax back into shape to fit your wrist perfectly

Probably most comfortable bracelets ever made.

These are bracelets with no clasp!


The best fit for our bracelet is a bit loose

Please measure your wrist size prior to purchasing

With so many designs to choose from, you'll have no struggle finding the perfect bracelet for your style or as a gift

We hope you like our bracelets and will enjoy wearing them!