Bracelets size guide

Bracelets are made in three widths: 18mm standard, 10mm skinnies and 6mm super skinnies

and in two finishes: metallic and polished.

Our bracelets are very comfortable and easy to wear.

They stretch easily as you put them on and relax back into shape to fit your wrist perfectly.

The best fit for the Urband London bracelet is a bit loose.

Please measure your wrist size prior to purchasing.

Size guide:

XS (Extra Small): wrist 17cm or smaller

S (Small): wrist 18cm or smaller

M (Medium): wrist 19cm or smaller

L (Large): wrist 20cm or smaller

XL (Extra Large): wrist 21cm or smaller

To help measure your wrist:

Please click to download the relevant bracelet width sizing tool below

  Print, cut and try the different sizes from XS to XL  

For any sizes outside the above guide, you can select Custom from the Size drop-down menu when purchasing a product