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About our Fitbit Watch bracelets

Urband London Fitbit Versa Watch bracelet

The Fitbit Watch and other smart watches have become an integral part of our lives. There are now millions of happy Apple and Fitbit watch owners. Since the watches all look quite similar, we have developed a collection of beautiful smart watch bracelets with which you can give your watch its very own unique look. Today, we proudly present the first collection of the Urband London Fitbit watch bracelet. It is available for Fitbit Versa models 2 & 3.

Urband London Fitbit Versa watch bracelets
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Urband London Fitbit Versa watch bracelets
Urband London Fitbit Versa watch bracelets
Urband London Fitbit Versa watch bracelets

Back to the roots...

The Urband London Watch bracelets bring this iconic stretch bracelet back to its roots; namely, as our grandparents already used the stretch-bracelet, as a watch band. We start with a collection suitable for both men and women, young and old. From a cool simple matt black and the sugar skull to a pastel-coloured flower design and colourful mandala.

Urband London Fitbit Versa watch bracelets
Urband London Fitbit Versa watch bracelets

Which Fitbit Versa 2 or 3 Watch do you have?

The Fitbit Versa bracelet is suitable for Fitbit Versa 2 and 3. These are usually 4 cm long. When determining the length of the strap, we therefore take into account 4 cm. If your Watch is larger or smaller, please indicate that in the comments.
For the size, measure your wrist size before ordering. The number of measured CM plus 0.5cm is the correct size. If your size is not listed in the options, please indicate in the comments which size you would like to receive it in, and we will tailor the bracelet for you. We provide the watch bracelets with connectors for the Fitbit Versa 3, and with a push-pin for the Versa 2. Both free of charge. You will be able to indicate your Versa model at checkout.

How to wear the Urband London Fitbit Versa 2 & 3 Watch bracelet

When you buy the new Urband London Fitbit Versa Watch bracelet, you should carefully measure your wrist beforehand. The Fitbit Watch should always be in contact with the wrist. To achieve this, take your wrist size in centimetres and add a maximum of half a centimetre. This way the bracelet is not too tight, and the watch contacts your wrist.

If in doubt, use this handy sizing tool to determine your size. Print, cut, measure, and determine which size fits you best.

Urband London Sizing Fitbit Watch Bands 22mm New.png

Timeless and modern

Urband London founder, Raoul Sagal, develops all the designs himself and creates new designs all the time in response to inspiration and trends. We don't work with seasonal collections; our bracelets are timeless and modern. The bracelet you buy today, you will still wear in 5 years. We produce what we sell, so we

don't have old collections and never have to hold a sale. Of course, we constantly try to anticipate demand, but if sometimes a bracelet is sold out… no problem! We will have your bracelet back in stock within a few days. Following this system helps to keep us unique.

Our price is fair. We produce in London; our employees earn a fair salary. Our quality meets European standards, and our bracelets are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and nickel-free. A product that will keep you happy for a very long time.

Presented in a luxury gift box

Urband London - Luxury Gift Box
Urband London - Luxury Gift Box
Urband London - Luxury Gift Box

Watch your time? Urband Time!

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