About us

Urband London is a British jewellery brand that celebrates individuality and creates instantly wearable, contemporary bracelets to style, stack and standout. 

We want you to look great and feel amazing!

Our bracelets collection combines the old with the new - the classical wristwatch band with contemporary innovative designs. Stainless steel, sustainable, high quality bracelets with original patterns. Nickel-free, waterproof and scratch-resistant, finished with two magical textures - polished and luxurious metallic - and in three widths 18mm, 10mm and 6mm. Transforming these bracelets into wearable art and presenting them to a new fashionable generation.

After a long career in the international luxury jewellery trade, Raoul Sagal, our founder and designer, has created his own brand. His attention to details, aesthetics and passion form the foundation for his original collection which is high quality yet affordable, timeless yet fashionable, comfortable to wear and cool. 

"I have created Urband London to share my inspirations, aesthetics and lifestyle with you"


Wearable art - a bracelet with no clasp!

Made in London - Made of Steel

We design all our own original patterns - This is why they are unique!

Handcrafted with love at our studio in the UK. 

Inspired by art, architecture, photography, music, travel, people and lifestyle.

Our philosophy is that jewellery must be beautiful, original, well made, comfortable to wear and individual.

We believe that art or fashion should be accessible to everyone - this is our main objective. 


We offer cool and stunning bracelets.

Eco-friendly and sustainable.

Well made with an eye for details. 

Affordable bracelets with a story to tell.

We aim to make our clients happy!


Our clients are young at heart, open-minded and enthusiastic about design, art, fashion, travel and fun - a lifestyle.
Our design ethos is one of originality, aesthetics, inspiration and soul.

Join our journey.

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Urband London - Our Story


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Our Surroundings

We design & manufacture locally and in harmony with our surroundings

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...and passion for aesthetics

We love what we do, design and create for YOU