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Urband London Bracelets - Spring new designs

We have been working hard to complete many new designs as well as two new collections (Cool Blossom and Sugar Skulls) in time for spring. We are delighted to say that they are now all available. Some of the bracelets with an evolving patterns which keeps changing as the bracelets twists on the arm....always revealing another point of view and colours - fum!

A few examples are here below

Cool Blossom

Cool Blossom:

Waves Mosaic:

With Love:

Many new designs were added as well:

New Cool Blossom and Solo bracelets

New styles

Always fun!

Join the Urband London tribe - get a bracelet (or two) before they are all gone!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring!

Cheers for your love and support!

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