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Personalise your favourite double-sided pendants with your special photo or logo.

A unique and lasting gift for your friend, employees, customers or parents. 

Please note: Personalisation is available on the 29x50mm pendants listed below.

We can personalise both sides with two of your photos or just one side with our pattern on the other side.

If you choose to personalise both sides, please upload 2 images.

All pendants personalised with black and white photos.

To order a personalised pendant:

1. Choose a pendant design from the options listed below

2. Visit the ABOUT OUR PENDANTS for more info

3. Complete the form below:

Add JPEG image - side 1
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4. To complete your purchase, please chose a pendant from the options listed below and click on BUY NOW

Double-Sided Personalisation £59.90

Your images on both sides

Solo 1S29P.jpg
Solo 1S29P Example.jpg
Photo 10-12-2021, 10 28 33 pm.jpg
Photo 10-12-2021, 10 32 30 pm.jpg

Solo 1S29P

Single-Sided Personalisation

Choose from below designs £49.90

Your image on one side with your chosen pattern on the other side